Friday, August 24, 2012

Cubic's other Trapwire problem - persona management and "fake online people"

I'm tired of writing about this shit over and over again, so here's what I just typed out at the Anonops IRC server main channel about Cubic's other weird and well-hidden subsidiary, Ntrepid, and the bizarre shit it does for CENTCOM and god knows who else. Anyone familiar with how this was used (and planned for use that would have been border-line illegal, not that any of them suffer any consequences even for what they're caught doing). As noted below, there's now zero excuse for this being ignored any further by anyone with a connection to online activism. Absolutely fucking none. If you're an Anon, for instance, and haven't yet gotten around to learning about the indefensible (in both senses) and usually (lol) covert attacks that are directed at us both in demonstrable recorded fact and clearly with more frequency and sophistication than we'll ever be sure of (when the attack works correctly), then do so.

 Likewise, if you're in the press and might have occasion to cover our strange new "sector" or those of the intelligence contractors that took in 30 percent of the huge and partly clandestine U.S. intelligence budget in 2005, and has grown since, you'll also need to know this. If you're not covering these issues or even keeping tabs on them, consider doing so. There's a reason some of us talk almost exclusively about this issue after having been involved in others. See my previous two posts on this issue as well, plus this phone call we did on Radio Anonops the other day in which a Cubic executive lies to us about Trapwire and Cubic's demonstrable ownership of Ntrepid, on which we've long had the tax documents as you'll see on Cubic's page as linked and summarized below.


[02:06] <BarrettBrown> Also, if anyone here doesn't yet know why Cubic is perfect enemy on all counts, please see:
[02:06] <+Egg> Title: Cubic Corporation - Project PM (at
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[02:15] <BarrettBrown> And also see one of the little-known capabilities they're top of the game in, by virtue of winning 2010 CENTCOM bid
[02:16] <BarrettBrown>
[02:16] <+Egg> Title: Persona Management - Project PM (at
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[02:17] <BarrettBrown> These are the "fake virtual armies" now in use by US and CENTCOM (unspecified "multinational forces" as spokesman noted after revelation)
[02:17] <BarrettBrown> If you don't know about it, you need to. This is not just a capability that's been deployed against activists including Anonymous and planned against Wikileaks and conventional groups in U.S...
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[02:18] <unbrandedtech1> are we not considered a virtual army?
[02:18] <BarrettBrown> it's very much symptomatic of one direction that is new, which is being followed by at least a dozen notable contracting firms
[02:18] <BarrettBrown> I mean fake people
[02:18] <BarrettBrown> they were described in press with that term last year, when a couple outlets paid attention
[02:19] <BarrettBrown> it's what Topiary and I worked on for a month, straight through, March 2011
[02:19] <BarrettBrown> everyone who's taken the time to see what we've found on it solid, including patents and contracts and commentary stolen from those involved like Aaron Barr, knows it's key
[02:19] <BarrettBrown> as will be information operations in general
[02:20] <Secret> "Romney Has Zero Percent Support From African Americans In New NBC/WSJ Poll"
[02:20] <BarrettBrown> people who are involved in conventional brick-and-mortar activist groups have at least some excuse not to know about this one specific methodology, which is getting refined and improved upon
[02:20] <Secret> ^ ROFL
[02:20] <BarrettBrown> No one here, or in online activism in general, has any excuse not to know about it.
[02:21] <+News> 1 new tweet(s): AnonOps_Tx Nearly 100 Followers #Popular !!!, 2 minutes ago via web. (238898553488019456)
[02:21] <BarrettBrown> Please take a moment to look through the short summary we have as well as perhaps the military-connected patent via IBM's own IP law firm


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