Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Who Am I? Why I Am I Here?"

I wrote some very nice things about myself in this bio for a panel on security I did last month for Bloomberg/Businessweek. As you'll note, I was indeed raided by the FBI on March 6th, the same day Topiary and others got new charges and others were first arrested - and when Sabu turned out to be exactly like Sabu was destined to turn out. My raid was only police action that day that wasn't bragged about to Fox News in a kind of wacky exclusive that broke it those of us who didn't learn it that day in county or transfer or whatever. Here's my search warrant with addresses blanked, which may be particularly illuminating to those who have followed the infosec squabbles. Obviously I can't talk a whole lot about this case yet, but I'll be able to do so to some extent probably within a month, and I very much look forward to that. I have already noted that at least one FBI informant who routinely worked with a special agent who himself authorized money for her supplies also began work for HBGary, the central firm in the terrible matter, as a "contractor" or some such, and much of the dialog between both included clearly false things that even the FBI should now have determined to be false. There's even worse stuff I'll get to soon. The reason I am actually being investigated in connection with "Fraud" despite having received $50 in donations for Project PM in three years (from rather incredible retired man who helped administrate everyone else), and despite having unfortunately not been involved with any real money at all other than a portion of a nice book advance that is quite clearly a book advance and not a TERRORIST ADVANCE, still eludes me.

This is the only thing of true value that I've written in over a decade of telling girls that I'm a freelance writer. As with a few other data sets made up of stolen e-mails, much of the info used here was obtained only because people took serious risks to obtain it; a couple of them were friends of mine to an extent or for a time, and more than a few of them could lose their young adulthood. The kid who wrote a script that helped Tunisians use their Facebook without being phished by national "net police" in first two weeks of revolution - before anyone had invented the term "Arab Spring" - this guy who may have potentially saved a few people from the torture and confinement that legendary Anon Slim Amanou endured when he went missing from IRC for a week or so. Within two months Amanou became Minister of Youth and Sport, but would resign not long afterwards in protest of continued censorship policies by the then-provisional government (since replaced by democratically-elected though imperfect coalition - a success story that does not receive its due sense of admiration from many quarters). Amanou has continued to serve as a remarkable activist and self-noted "soft-power alchemist," the best term I've ever heard for what people like him do. As for the guy who  created the anti-phishing script, one that was used and distributed by the dozens of Arabs on the IRCs and boards at any given point, he turned out to be a fucking 16-year-old kid from London. Tflow was among the first major fellows to be arrested, at least publicly. 

Then, more recently, at least several dozen people at the least worked on a sort of crowd-sourced operation (an unfortunately necessary buzzword, "crowd-sourced") in IRC channels associated with Anonymous andTelecomix and revealed at least three or four tax and merger filings, quotes from those and from related officials, and a range of other details pertinent to a story which at this point has yet to receive much "real" press despite being quite obviously news for several reasons. Please read it, and thanks. 


  1. fraud and computers go hand in hand since the hoover days. they don't produce any document to search for computers unless fraud is one allegation.

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  3. Hi Barrett - I have no clue how to get in touch with you, hence I am using this comment box to communicate.

    Hope you are doing well. Have read the article on Motherboard/Vice that you might be the next in line for a witch-hunt a la Aaron Swartz.

    I hope and pray that you keep your spirits strong. All the best in your fight.

    Take care,

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